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Fantasy football (American)

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Fantasy football is an interactive online competition in which users compete against each other as general managers of virtual “fantasy” teams built from “drafting” real players. Each of the "drafted" "fantasy" players are professional American football players in the National Football League. Each week general managers of their fantasy team are able to perform different actions simulating a real professional football organization. These actions consist of drafting, trading, adding or dropping players, and changing rosters every week. Due to the growth of the internet, fantasy football has vastly increased in popularity, particularly because fantasy football providers such as ESPN Fantasy Sports, CBS, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, and the NFL itself are able to keep track of statistics entirely online, eliminating the need to check box scores in newspapers regularly to keep track of players, which is how fantasy football players first had to keep track of stats. Most leagues have a 13 week season, a small playoff bracket, and a single week championship in week 16 of the NFL season.